Whisper in my ear

Earrings....small, big, long, round, crazy shaped, colourful or not, I just love them

Here are some pictures of my older work




Black Ben
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Here's to Coco Chanel

I just adore Coco, very strong women but at the same moment so feminine and sophisticated......love her style,and her jewelry

Here are some jewelry pieces inspired by C.C and Audrey Hepburn
Beading is my passion,but I also like to combine different materials and techniques, it takes time to make these type of necklaces but they worth of effort:)

Black Dhalia

Black Pearl

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different
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vintage style

So here are couple of pictures of my work. I love these brooches and headbands, because they are so easy to make and they make every otufit complete,  all one need is a litlle bit of lace, fabric, beads, imagination, and the fun can beggin:))

Evo nekoliko slika mojih radova, obožavam broševe i ukrase za kosu, lagani su za napraviti, možete biti kreativni u njihovoj izradi , a baš efektno mogu osvježiti svaki komad odjeće- sve što je potrebno je malo čipke, tkanine, perlica,  mašte i zabava može početi:))

 Folded daisy

severe tenderness
fluorescent adolescent
lace whisper 

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