Foggy day...dreaming

These few days I have been organizing my workspace.....since I plan on improving my sewing skills, I had to find a proper place for my sewing machine:), finally after hours of stacking, packing and cleaning my beads were perfectly arranged and my sewing machine got a shiny new place on my desk ((the difficult part is yet to come, meaning to actually sew something))and my gift was a very deserved craft corner .....but still, in all that confusion I've managed to keep up with my "ring" phaze.....

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Blue or not?!

Beautiful autumn day.....pleasant long walk with my dear friends, afternoon coffee with the sound of my favourite band coming from the radio, nostalgic breeze and my jewelry making kit........

(altought it may sound like I was very productive in the fields of creativity,  I've only managed to make cuple of rings:)this one already found a new home:))

Trusting love energie ring

"You may say Im a dreamer but Im not the only one.."

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If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it

Yep, Beyonce sead it........well, she probably didn't mean this type of rings, but who knows world is full of eccentric people:))........However, these few days, I started making these unordinary rings, and somehow it turned into obssesion:)now I just can't stop:)

If you like big statment jewelry then you just might like them

Purple bubble

Metal latte
Lovely peace


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Who can resist them?

OK I am an sugar addict, so what..........these little (or big, wouldn't mind), cheerful, tasty, cute looking things make such a perfect treat:) at any time of day, or night :)))) they look so adorable, makes me decorate my whole room with them.......So for a sweet beginning of a day,have a cupcake:)))

Cupcake bracelet

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Rainy days

Autumn is here....unfortunately.......somehow I'm still managing to find inspiration for my work, but as the days pass by, my work enthusiasm is getting weak. Cup of warm tea, or coffee, and piles of chocolate and candy, are the guilty ones for holding my spirit up:)) you can see once and again I turn to recycling:)

Autumn flowers for winter
Breakfast at Tiffany's

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Inspired by....

I usually make my jewelry inspired by something or someone, but I don't have a clue if  I'm going to make a bracelet, a necklace, earrings or other accessories......usually I don't know if  I'm going to use beads or fabric, or wire..--sometimes all I need for inspiration is to remember a feeling, and the rest will come together.
Here are cuple of pictures of my work inspired by....

One necklace inspired by Morocco
Mystique inspired by 1001 Arabian nights

Bebeyo inspired by Africa

This one was made by tutorial, but still it reminds me of Egypt

Bracelet inspired by Honore de Balzac: Eugenie Grandet

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