Shadow pearls

It"s been awhile

Vintage love

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Lavander smile

Few days ago I started working on one necklace (well it supposed to be one) but somehow it turned out to be a pair of earrings and a ring :)...necklace is coming soon:)

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Peacock feather

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Summer vibe

 I'm alive, and I'm still doing jewelry:)) hello everyone !!!

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Dress to kill

OK so I finally  found some time to update my blog.......this whole New Year stuff turned my head upside-down, and as usually, weeks passed by as I  tried to organize this mess:)...These are the pictures of my new stuff (the stuff that I actually photographed).....

Black statement necklace (my present for myself)

Red love crime flowers 

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Blue mocha chocolate

New necklace I've made the other this combination of colours

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Foggy day...dreaming

These few days I have been organizing my workspace.....since I plan on improving my sewing skills, I had to find a proper place for my sewing machine:), finally after hours of stacking, packing and cleaning my beads were perfectly arranged and my sewing machine got a shiny new place on my desk ((the difficult part is yet to come, meaning to actually sew something))and my gift was a very deserved craft corner .....but still, in all that confusion I've managed to keep up with my "ring" phaze.....

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